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Scholarship Students Graduate from UNJ

Dwi, Tuti w: messages--Graduation Day trimmedAlam Aksara is delighted to announce that on 24 March, two of our scholarship recipients graduated from the National University of Jakarta: Dwiyana Supriyatni with a bachelor’s degree in special education and Tuti Alawiyah with a bachelor’s degree in Japanese. Both had outstanding academic records and graduated cum laude. Tuti achieved a GPA of 3.87 (best in her faculty) and Dwi a 3.82 (second best in hers). Both Dwi and Tuti hope eventually to become university lecturers in their respective disciplines. Dwi is currently looking for fellowship opportunities so that she can continue her studies at the graduate level. Tuti plans to work for a couple of years to help out her family but will also be applying for scholarships to pursue a master’s degree in Japan. Congratulations to both of you, Tuti and Dwi! We wish you every success!

Dwi, Tuti, Family, Dede--Graduation Day