Alam Aksara

Providing Educational Opportunities for Indonesian Students

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How much does it cost to sponsor a student?
The cost of sponsorship varies from student to student, depending on the family’s needs, the student’s educational level and the region in which the student lives. Typically, sponsoring a primary school student costs US$9.50 per month. The same monthly figures for middle school and high school students are US$15.00 and US$20.50, respectively. A university student’s costs average US$37.00 per month. (See table below for details.) In addition, many students are required to pay an entrance fee when entering middle school and again when they enter high school. These can vary tremendously. When such costs come up, they are discussed with the sponsor in advance.

Most sponsors will make contributions annually, providing enough funds for the student to continue going to school for a full academic year. (The Indonesian academic year runs from July to June of the following year.)

What sort of costs does a sponsor’s contribution cover?
The aid provided by the sponsors goes primarily to pay the following: tuition and other school fees, transportation, books, school supplies, uniforms, and other school-related expenses. For many students, the largest single cost is transportation to and from school.

How much of a sponsor’s contribution is used to cover administrative costs?
Zero. One hundred percent of the aid provided by the sponsors goes to the students. We make every effort to hold expenses to an absolute minimum, and the organizers cover administrative costs out of their own pockets or through the occasional contribution made specifically for such costs.

Can contributions to Alam Aksara be used as tax deductions?
We are regrettably not in a position to issue the sort of official documentation that tax authorities in most countries require.