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New Graduates in Kupang


10849755_10154859387620147_4971358323391501756_nWe are very proud to announce that Frengki Henuk, one of our coordinators in Kupang and also an Alam Aksara scholarship recipient, graduated from Kupang National Polytechnic (PNK) on 6 December with a diploma in public accounting. He achieved a grade point average of 3.94 during his four years there and was named top student in his graduating class. As valedictorian, he delivered a moving address at the graduation ceremony that brought his audience to tears. Frengki has been asked by his department to return to PNK to teach and plans next year to begin studying for a master’s degree, which is a necessary step toward becoming a lecturer at PNK. The Alam Aksara family would like to offer warmest congratulations and thanks to Frengki, who has proved that a strong will can overcome all obstacles, no matter how great. Good luck, Frengki!

10847906_10154860325445147_5698787599070171206_nWe would also like to offer hearty congratulations to Alam Aksara scholarship recipient Godlif Dju, who graduated from Kupang National Polytechnic with a diploma in financial management on 6 December, at the same time with Frengki. Godlif’s grade point average was 3.80, which ranked him in second place among graduates from his department. Godlif wants to find work immediately so that he can help to support his family and pay for his siblings’ education. Good luck with the job search, Godlif, and in all your future endeavors.