Alam Aksara

Providing Educational Opportunities for Indonesian Students

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About Us

Who we are: Alam Aksara is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding educational opportunities for young people in Indonesia. It was started in 2002 as an informal group of volunteers by Dede Prabowo, an Indonesian resident of Japan, and members of his family in Indonesia. In May 2014, Alam Aksara was organized as a foundation (yayasan) and recognized as such by the Indonesian Minister of Law and Human Rights (No. AHU-01011.50.10.2014).

Purpose: The primary activity of Alam Aksara is to provide scholarships to Indonesian students who, for financial reasons, are having difficulty completing their educations. These scholarships are funded by individual sponsors, who contribute to support the education of specific students. It is our policy to pass along 100 percent of a sponsor’s contribution to the student.

How we operate: Through a network of volunteers in Indonesia and Japan, Alam Aksara identifies students in need and matches them with sponsors from around the world who are willing to contribute to these children’s education. Candidates are identified by volunteer on-site coordinators in Indonesia. They then pass their recommendations on to the headquarters selection committee for approval.

What we look for in a candidate: The primary criterion for selection is the desire and the determination of the student to complete the highest level of school she or he is capable of reaching. Grades are also important but are not the decisive factor. Once students receive scholarships, however, they are required to maintain reasonable grade-point averages. The family, too, needs to be supportive of the student’s efforts to graduate. Priority is given to those students whose eagerness indicates that they have the will to finish their schooling and thus be in a position to support their families and play a useful role in society once they graduate.

Size: Since the beginning of the program in 2002, Alam Aksara has provided scholarships to 145 students, including 32 graduates from universities and other institutions of higher learning. Scholarship recipients are located in 11 different provinces of Indonesia. (See Facts.)

Affiliations: Alam Aksara is not affiliated with any religion or creed. The students aided by Alam Aksara in most cases attend public schools. Scholarships are not extended to students at schools that place primary emphasis on religious instruction. Note, however, that religion is a required subject in all schools—including public—in Indonesia.


Governing Board
I Gusti Made Sutjaja, Ph.D., Chairman
Azwar Hasan, Member
Wahyu Purwandaka, Member

Executive Board
Dede Prabowo, Founder and Executive Director
I Wayan Nurasa, Secretary
Reslian Pardede, Treasurer

Supervisory Board
Agus Setiawan, Chief Auditor

Advisory Board
Jim Wagner, Founder and Senior Advisor