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Shoes for Flores Video

On Sunday, 14 December, Alam Aksara volunteers visited Niobewa Elementary School in Lenandareta village, which is located in central Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province. The purpose of the visit was to distribute shoes, pens and notebooks to the students and provide books with which the teachers could start a school library. Niobewa Elementary is located three kilometers off the main road on an arid hilltop with a panoramic view. The school’s 101 students live in two hard-scrabble farming communities nearby. To get to school, the students must walk two to three kilometers under a blazing sun. Most have no shoes and make the trip barefoot. Sadly, this school is just one of many such elementary schools in Flores.

To help to ameliorate this situation, Alam Aksara recently launched the “Shoes for Flores” program. The visit to Niobewa Elementary was financed by Indonesian Community in Japan (ICJ) and several individual donors. This was the first initiative in this program and was also a means of exploring the possibility of setting up an Alam Aksara scholarship program in the area.

This video, which was made by friends of Alam Aksara from the city of Maumere, documents the visit to Niobewa Elementary. The plan is to carry out similar “Shoes for Flores” visits to other schools in the backcountry of Flores, and we hope you will give us your assistance and support to expand the program.